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"Everyone of us is different in so many ways but we have come together to show how much we care"

We Embrace The World

"Beda Tapi Satu"
Official Theme Song of ChildAid Asia Indonesia
composed by Clarentio Vivaldi

Our theme song "We Embrace The World" (Beda Tapi Satu) was inspired with the idea that all of us should be holding hands, helping each other although we have differences. Composed by a 16 year old Indonesian boy, Clarentio Vivaldi, the song has won National Song-Writing Festival in 2014. 

In ChildAid Asia, differences is not a matter at all. The performers may come from a different corner of the world but they are all here for one reason only, to help other children. By youth and for youth

Saatku hadir di dunia ini

dalam buaian bumi pertiwi

Tercipta dari smangat pahlawan sejati

smangat tuk bersatu di hati

Satu dalam sebuah kekuatan

Satu dalam keberagaman

Siap untuk berkarya demi nusa bangsa

Teguhkan langkah, wujudkan mimpi kita

Kita ini beda dalam suku dan bahasa

Pun beda warna budaya

Namun semua tetap sehati sejiwa

Tetap satu walau kita beda

Together hand in hand we are stronger

Stick together be the best of friends

Creating harmony for the whole world to see

by the grace of God, for all humanity

And everyone of us is different in so many ways

Colorful in cultures and beliefs

But we have come together

to show how much we care

We are one and united with love